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Jewelry: November 27 - December 1 

Use Ribbon instead of wire

Sewing: December 4th - 8th

Faux leather: December 18th - 22nd

For some PAZZAZ, you can do a fancy stitch around all pieces before sewing them together. 

The video is torture. Take a peak so you can see the wallet.
Cut 2 pieces 3" x 8" (A & B)
Cut 1 piece 2" x 8" (C)
Lay A & C both face up with bottom edges aligned. 
Stitch down middle the to make a card holder on either side.
Lay B Face down with A & C face up on top of C.
Sew short, long and short sides. Top will stay open for dollar bills.
Trim strings and edges to neaten up. You made a wallet! 

Only from 4:35 - 7:30

Go to her website to also see step by step pictures. Very helpful!

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