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Promote Your Business

Showcase your business to the community for FREE!

We are giving 10 growing businesses the chance to promote their business/idea/product to the community using our auditorium for FREE for a day.  

Why you ask?

1. We know starting a business is a risk that is usually costly, and we want you to be able to throw your idea out to the community for free.

2. We like exposing our students to different areas of interest and hope this will give them another opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs and here/see new ideas.

3. We also see it as great way to cross market. We will promote the guest business on our social media in hopes to draw more people in for their product as well as to invite attendees to tour our studios.

If interested in this opportunity, please fill out the application below. 

Applicants will be notified within a week after submission if their business

is chosen for this opportunity.



Tell us about your idea!

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