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Kids' Entrepreneur Camp

Calling all young entrepreneurs in grades 1-8!

Join us for this one-month entrepreneurial camp to learn key business principles and gain essential tools needed to start your own business.

Learn through a fun and interactive game called Entrepreneur-ship (E-ship). In

E-Ship, students seek to find and create a business that is right for them. Students travel across a life-size entrepreneurial game board to islands that represent different questions an entrepreneur asks along his

or her journey.

Islands include:

  1. Motivation - Finding one's passions + need/problem in the world = one's calling in life.

  2. Market - Understanding your customers.

  3. Company Identity - Building a brand.

  4. Unit Economics - Understanding the numbers.

  5. Hiring - Should I hire and if so, when?

  6. Competition & Substitute - Determine, defend and stand out!

At the end of each topic, a community professional will join us to share a real-life experience on the subject. These examples help the students better understand the principles and also motivates them through their own business journey.

Once the students navigate their “entrepreneur-ships” through the 6 different islands, they will land at their final destination; a business ready to present locally, online or to the Magic Valley Kid Market.

Each day will begin with a half hour of team building activities to discover each other's unique strengths and to build lasting relationships with other young entrepreneurs in our community.

The purpose of the E-ship journey is to equip students with skills, tools and frameworks needed to start and run a business. The summer session will have three main goals:

  • To learn more about others, themselves and what they love

  • To learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible

  • To create a business that's ready to take to the world

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get your feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship! We can't wait to see you there.


When: 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between June 6th - July 1st

Where: Acton Academy Twin Falls 1830 Addison Ave E. Twin Falls

Cost: First child $35/day = $420. Additional children of the same family $30/day = $360 each.

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