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Session 5 Exhibition

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Community families are welcome to join us for an hour of fun and learning at:

Acton Academy's Jacques Cousteau Marine Science Exhibition.

Heroes will present, in their own creative ways, what they have learned in their deep-dive explorations. This will be followed by a competitive game of Marine Jeopardy, which will be put together from the information Heroes have acquired over the course of the quest.

(Hint: parents, brush up on your marine science).

Sure to be a fun family night!

Refreshments will be served. We promise it will not be quid and seaweed.

Dec. 17th at 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Quest overview

Heroes take on the title of NASA Earth Explorer as they examine the following questions: What is life like in the ocean and how is it interconnected?

Is it more important to explore, or to invent?

What problems are facing our oceans, and what are the possible solutions?

As scientists, they learn to observe with intentionality and diligence and to embrace their curiosity. Using their imaginations, they are challenged to bring the marine ecosystems into their studio, curating an environment of wonder about the natural world

The topics each week include the World Ocean, Coral Reefs, the Deep Sea, Animals of the Open Ocean, and Problems and Solutions. Along the way, Heroes are encouraged to fully embrace their curiosity about the natural world through the Independent Deep Dive. This is allocated time for each person to choose a big question about the ocean and to explore that question independently.

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