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One of the core values at Acton Academy Twin Falls is the belief that everyone deserves access to a high quality education. Our commitment is to create that opportunity for all current and future students. We are always appreciative of support from our Twin Falls and surrounding communities, which helps us provide an exceptional educational experience. 

There are two ways you can help: by giving a financial donation today or by giving a Hero an opportunity to learn and grow in a part time role at your business.  Learn more about both below

Internship Opportunities

Are you a business owner? Our middle and high school students seek out businesses where they can apprentice and gain real world experience. Please fill in your information below to inquire about our apprenticeship program.

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Financial Donation

Make a donation for school supplies, scholarships, or to a specific student.

We truly appreciate your support in helping to bring this life-changing opportunity to every young Hero!

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