Grade School
Successful Leaders

Children who have a plan for life...

who are confident, resilient, empathetic...

who love learning!

YOU are your child's HERO!

Just like you, we want our children to find
joy through their passions and
respect as unique individuals
even at school.

Parents, children and science DON'T Believe in...

  • Students sitting in rows of desks listening to lectures

  • Regurgitating information for standardized tests

  • Report cards to gauge learning

  • Factory-like school where one-size-fits-all

  • Pre-determined pace and materials

  • Lack of leadership responsibility

YOUR CHILD'S education can be DIFFERENT


Love of learning

Critical thinking


Growth mindset

Care for others & world


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Your child can Positively change the world!
You know it and we know it.

Offering more than facts... Offering a plan for Life
A Roadmap 
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Heroic Parents

You might be feeling the call to give your child more.

Acton Members

We want to be your Yoda.

The Acton Community

    Except better looking!

Proud Parents

Grateful they made the journey!

Acton Parents

Experience the difference 

and return to tell others. 

Welcome to Acton Academy

Look inside an Acton Academy studio and see some of the magic behind this revolution!

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Look around the Twin Falls Campus

Newly remodeled studios provide safe and comfortable learning environments.

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Outdoor Learning Environments SPRING 2022

Children in the Garden

Outdoor study patio, large outdoor learning playground, & greenhouse

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Your family's educational journey Could Be...

Our Promises to Your Child


Begin a Hero's Journey, their journey to change the world.


Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.


Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedoms.


Cherish the arts, wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life on Earth.


Discover his or her most precious gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems.


Traditional System

Acton Academy

Follow a set curriculum, whether exciting or not

Authoritative figures set rules to abide by

Grades gauge learning and then students move on, whether concepts are full understood or not

Missed opportunities to learn essential skills needed for today's challenges

Evenings of frustration and lost time due to homework

Must move at the same pace as peers

Your child will find joy and become a lifelong learner by discovering his/her passions, which fuels learning

Together, children create provisional contracts that govern their learning

Socratic (thought provoking) discussions, entrepreneurial ventures, leadership roles, collaborative skills, hands-on challenges

NO HOMEWORK - regain lost time and start enjoying evenings with your family

Your child will move at his/her own pace. On average, Acton students progress 3-grade levels above peers in a traditional setting

Told where to be, what to study, and when to stop/start

Your child will learn to self regulate, manage time and take responsibility for their own learning.

Concepts are master before your child moves forward, creating confidence and a solid foundation to continue to build upon




“The fact that Acton demands excellence and mastery is the ONLY reason our daughter could even dream of applying to a top university. At Acton, she was not handicapped by being a ‘late bloomer.’ She has had both the room to find herself and the accountability to rise up.” 



“The Acton community and life experience provide our son the best possible environment in which to develop. You empower kids to an unparalleled degree. We truly believe this, relative to all other educational options. Every Acton parent goes to sleep each night thankful for the opportunity to be in this moment.”



“Our daughter was showing signs of depression before attending Acton Academy. She is now happy and thriving, in large part because of the Acton way of learning. Now, she loves school so much that she never wants to miss a day.”

Meet Mindy

 Accreditation and Partners

Over 300 Worldwide Affiliates 

 An amazing Transformation

It's time

for something


Welcome to


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Happy learners fueled by their individual passions; freed to reach their

full potential!

Happy Young Girls

Tight-knit community of life-long learners (parents and children) building

life-long relationships.

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Proud Parent...

"So grateful we took

the journey!"


Independent learners

prepared to succeed

in the face of challenges. 

Ready to Change Your Family's Future?

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