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Tuition Rates and Policies

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

                                                         - Benjamin Franklin 


$9300 annually

All Studios

Acton Academy Twin Falls requires the payment of $1,000. in nonrefundable prepaid tuition for each student enrolled. We have two tuition payment plans, full and monthly. A discount of $150 is applied for tuition paid in full by August 1st of that school year. The monthly plan requires eleven payments, each on the first day of the month beginning on August 1 and ending on June 1.

Family Discounts

Second student $8,900 annually

Subsequent students $8,700 annually 

A Family Adventure

We offer sibling discounts for families with more than one child enrolled at Acton Academy Twin Falls concurrently. Tuition for the first sibling will be at the regular rate, tuition for the second sibling will be discounted by $400 and subsequent siblings will be discounted by $600. To be eligible for the discount, siblings must attend for the same period of time, parents must make all tuition payments on time and students must complete the school year at Acton Academy Twin Falls. The sibling discount will be credited toward the final, scheduled tuition payment for the school year or at the beginning of the year if tuition is paid in full. 

Enrollment Fee

$150 per student

Congratulations, You've Been Accepted

Enrollment fee is due at the time of acceptance into Acton Academy Twin Falls. This ensures your child's placement and goes towards needed school supplies at the beginning of each year. 


Scholarships available

Available Funds

Scholarships are available on a per-needs basis.