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Tuition Rates and Policies

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

                                                         - Benjamin Franklin 

Sliding-Scale Tuition

Tuition is set on a family-by-family basis using a sliding-scale calculation. This means each family contributes based on their means.

At Acton, we strive to bring this educational opportunity to all.  Now that we are established in the Twin Falls community, we are searching for ways to support families with varying socio-economic means. We feel that incorporating sliding-scale tuition will benefit our Twin Falls community as well as our Acton school community.

This tuition change will be implemented in the 2022/23 school year. 

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We have moved our tuition from a set tuition rate to a sliding-scale tuition in order to bring this educational opportunity to more families in our community. However, occasionally we may have a scholarship available to award to a student (current or new).

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  • Multi-child discount 

  • $500 Word of Mouth bonus. Given when you refer a family who enrolls for a year. Bonus applied to last payment of the year.

ICCP - Idaho Child Care Program

Beginning fall 2022, Acton Academy Twin Falls will also be partnered with ICCP to help support families with children in our preschool and kindergarten studios.


This is to help pay tuition for families who are:

  • Working

  •  Attending school or undergraduate school (online not accepted) 

  • Participating in job training

  • Participating in the Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) program

Families who qualify for ICCP will not qualify for sliding-scale tuition as to leave these funds available to more families. 

For more information on ICCP visit:

Creative options

We know it's hard to go from a free system to tuition-based private school before seeing the real results in your children. But, we've seen the results in our own children know it's worth the sacrifice! We want to help those who truly want something different for their child's education and life. So we're open to creative options as well. If you have a service to render or item to sell, we're all ears. We will offer it to our staff and current families to see if it's something that can be traded for tuition.

Ideas might include, but are NOT limited to:

House cleaning, construction, items for sale, guiding ("teaching"), and so forth.

Items Acton needs at this time:

Playground items such as sprinkler system, sod, landscaping, and playground items built.

Enrollment fee

$150 per student, per year

Enrollment fee is due at the time of acceptance into Acton Academy Twin Falls. This ensures your child's placement and goes towards needed school supplies.