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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

                                                         - Benjamin Franklin 

Sliding-Scale Scholarships

Sliding-scale scholarships are based on each family's means, making this opportunity available to more families in our community.

How does the sliding scale work?

  • Sliding-scale tuition is based on the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be inequitable proportion to its financial resources.

  • TADS, a third-party company, evaluates a family's financial data and makes recommendations to Acton Academy on where the family's ability to pay tuition lies on the sliding scale. The same financial information is asked of all parents.

  • Applying for sliding-scale tuition is optional. Families who wish to not apply for the sliding scale pay the full tuition rate.

  • In order to further close the gap between sliding-scale tuition and operating costs, Acton seeks support from grants and generous donors who support our vision. ​

Apply for a sliding-scale scholarship
Acton's partner code is 200597 

Tuition is a set yearly amount broken into monthly payments.

The ranges shown below is based off the sliding-scale scholarships, as explained above. 

Preschool/Kindergarten tuition 2024/2025 (without service hours):

  • Full-time: $625 - $675/mo.

  • Part-time (3 days/week/full day): $390 - $440/mo.

  • Part-time (2 days/week/full day): $255 - 305/mo.

  • Part-time (5 days/week 8:30-12:00$456- $506/mo. 

  • Part-time (5 days/week 12:00-3:00): $382 - $432/mo.

First-eighth grade tuition 2024/2025 (without service hours):

  • Full-time $627 - $845/mo. 

Enrollment fee

$150 yearly enrollment fee per child.

The deadline for scholarship applications is July 15th for the coming fall.

Tuition rates

Additional Scholarships and Grants

Service Hour Scholarship


The Service Scholarship Fund is divided between all families based on the amount of service hours they provided to the school. These funds are awarded each semester. Service given January - July is awarded in August and service given August - December is awarded in January. Funds vary each year depending on the amount of funds raised throughout each year. 

Empowering Parent

Families who apply and qualify for the Empowering Parent Grant through Idaho state can use their grant to buy requested supplies for the school. The cost of supplies purchased for the school through the grant will be deducted from your child's tuition. It is fast and easy to apply.

Click here for the empowering parent application.

Paid Apprenticeships

Middle school students participate in apprenticeships as part of their learning at Acton Academy. Mentors are more apt to offer paid apprenticeships when they know students will be using the earned money to help pay for their tuition. 


Word of Mouth bonus

$250-500 per student referred. Ask for details.

Paid in Full

$500 discount when tuition is paid in full by 8/15.


If your family has more than one child attending at the same time, the highest tuition will be paid first. Each additional child will receive a 15% discount.

ICCP - Idaho Child Care Program

Acton Academy Twin Falls is working to partner with ICCP to help support families with children in our preschool and kindergarten studios.


This is to help pay tuition for families who are:

  • Working

  •  Attending school or undergraduate school (online not accepted) 

  • Participating in job training

  • Participating in the Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) program

Families who qualify for ICCP will not qualify for sliding-scale tuition.

For more information on ICCP visit:

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