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Now offering afternoon
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Hybrid Afternoon Classes


Having fun and being excited about what one is learning helps the brain learn and remember far better than boring "have to" type learning. Plus, it keeps a student coming back for more. 

In order to allow more students to experience the joy of learning, we're now offering hands-on quests (classes) to homeschoolers or other families who are available at the offered times. 

Quests are Monday, Wednesday, Fridays between 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Image by Constantinos Kollias

11/28 - 12/21

 In this quest, students become heroes living in Ancient Greece. Using their imaginations, they enter into Acton Athens as their chosen avatars (Greek mythological characters), and explore the city by completing challenges in different areas. 


  • To ignite a curiosity about the world and civilizations that came before us

  • To inspire real debate about philosophical concepts

  • To explore the roots of Western civilization

  • To find joy in combining artistic creativity with Core Skills


Acton Athens

Dog Lover

3/27 - 4/14 '23

This quest places students in the shoes of an animal keeper. Students will assess the needs of animals in a local shelter. After creating and having their proposal accepted, students will build enrichment activities for the animals. They will also create information  cards for visitors or families who might be adopting the animals.


Animal Keeper

Image by Alyssia Wilson

1/4 - 2/10 '23

Students, divided into teams, will create a National Geographic-like travel magazine during the session that makes a geography-based case to convince the exhibition guests to travel to their magnificent continent of choice. 


Expose students to geography and diverse cultures, helping them become more

informed citizens of the world.


Geography & Culture

Image by Karthik Balakrishnan

4/24-5/26 '23

Heroes will have the opportunity to learn about game design, experimental vs. theoretical probability, calculating probability, elements of game design, attention to detail and working with customer feedback.


  • Introducing students to game design as a calling and the heroes who chose it

  • Inspiring a love of design and creation

  • Inspiring a curiosity about probability in the real world

  • Instilling a deeper understanding of the iteration process and the importance of taking a deliberate path towards excellence


Game Design

Looking Over Architectural Plans

2/22 - 3/17 '23

In this quest, students play the role of architects by designing ideal school buildings.

Challenges take students through the process of: 
Design (drafting/sketching), and
Construction (model building).

Students will learn about architecture as a calling, scaling and applied mathematics, precision and attention to detail and working within creative constraints. 



Mountain climber

6/5-6/30 '23

Students will explore the basic needs of human survival, water cycle, fire, navigation, knot-tying, first aid, and plant identification.  They'll explore and understand the differences between a “want” and a “need” and put themselves into new, challenging situations that push themselves to the edge of their challenge zones. In the exploration of self identity and self-knowledge as a basic human need, students will learn their Love Language, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the traits they love most about themselves.



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