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Now offering afternoon
hybrid classes

Hybrid Afternoon Classes


Having fun and being excited about what one is learning helps the brain learn and remember far better than boring "have to" type learning. Plus, it keeps a student coming back for more. 

In order to allow more students to experience the joy of learning, we're now offering hands-on quests (classes) to homeschoolers or other families who are available at the offered times. 

Quests are Monday, Wednesday, Fridays between 1:00-3:00 p.m. Students are also welcome to join for lunch and recess starting at 12:00 with advance notice. 

Hands Reaching

Team Builder

08/14 - 09/08 '23

This quest is meant to:

  • Equip Heroes with tools and confidence that will help them throughout the year and on their Hero’s Journey.

  • Equip Heroes with a deeper understanding of self and others.

  • Instill a deeper understanding of working on a team and the the value of collaboration.

  • Inspire an appreciation for process and intentionality

  • Inspire a deep curiosity of the Hero’s Journey through heroes’ stories.

  • Create laws and guidelines to govern their studio.


Image by Thomas Griggs


10/16 - 11/17 '23

This quest takes the Acton Academy Twin Falls (AATF) heroes through John Campbell's Hero's Journey framework in a way that is hard to surpass. AATF Heroes dive into the lives of ordinary men who, through struggles, triumphs, collaboration with others and what some might consider divine inspiration, become heroes in their own life's story and heroes to the lives of many in the country they shaped. 

The lives to be learned from include:

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

Benjamin Franklin 




02/05-03/22 '24

Week break 02/19 - 02/23

The goals of this quest are:

  • Scientific thinking: To practice experimental design, asking great questions, paying attention to detail, developing theories, coming up with and testing hypotheses, and thinking critically. 

  • Biology and genetics: To introduce themselves to basic biology and genetics used in a real-life context.

  • Collaboration: To practice communicating and working productively as a team.


Kids with Backpacks

Safety in the World

09/18-10/06 '23

This quest is meant to educate heroes about the dangers they're faced with today and how to protect themselves and others around them. 
Topics to be explored are:

  • CPR

  • Internet safety

  • Self defense 

  • Fire

  • Water



Arts and Crafts


11/27-12-22 '23

This quest will expose Heroes to different types of art such as:

  • Jewelry 

  • Sewing


Edison Bulbs

Edison's Lab

04/08-05/17 '24

This quest will transform the school into a mini science lab where each child will become a scientist. They will conduct experiments, write patents, and consider the cost of their

The goals of this quest include:
● Discovering the joy of experimentation
● Developing a tolerance for ambiguity and problem-solving skills
● Understanding the difference between invention and innovation, and understanding what
traits are necessary to be an innovator
● Inspiring an appreciation for scientific breakthroughs and how we got to now
● Developing organizational and documentation skills
● Facing and overcoming failure


Mason jars

Food Preservation (Ignite Stuidio)

09/18-10/06 '23

A mini morning quest will be added to Quest 2.
Just in time for harvest, the food preservation quest will allow heroes to explore the health and satisfaction of preserving their own food, a life skill that brings peace of mind.


Dancer with Cloud Background


01/08-02-02 '24

In this quest we will explore the history and culture of dance around the world. The students will also learn the following dances:

  • Ballroom

  • Country Swing

  • Line Dances

  • Hip hop


Grain Stand


06/03-06/28 '24

In this Quest will help Heroes seek to find and create a business that is right for

The purpose of this Quest is to equip the Heroes with skills, tools, and
frameworks needed to start a business. The quest has three main goals for Heroes:
● To learn more about themselves and what they love
● To learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible
● To create a business to present at the Trade Show (Quest Exhibition) or (if applicable) to
launch and sell at a Children’s Business Fair.



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