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Ready for School
Are you ready for Acton Academy?

Take control of your life, so you'll never be trapped in an ordinary place again. 

Why a rigorous application?


  • Each individual matters! We want to know YOU.

  • Spots are reserved for extraordinary people, so we need to know what you’re made of.

  • Most schools solicit applications; we’re a learning community that only accepts committed people who believe they are going to change the world

Steps to apply:

Are you willing to:

take control of your education, work hard, and challenge yourself?


Dive deep into the philosophies behind Acton by exhausting our website and Acton Main ( and Montessori. Then let us know what appeals to your family about this style of learning by writing us a note here. 



Schedule a tour
Understand and be prepared to discuss Acton's story by:
1. Listening to an interview with the founder. 
2. Reading Courage to Grow by the founder, Laura Sandefer. 
Book or free kindle version here.

Once prepared, schedule a tour by clicking here. 


Only after researching and touring are families invited to apply.  Applications are available in person at the end of your tour.  



We will make a decision within one week and notify your family by phone if your application was accepted or denied.

Thanks for your thoughts!

We look forward to step 2.

We’re so glad you’re interested in our community and the science-backed, student-led environment that drives each one of us! As a non-traditional institution, it’s very important to us that parents understand our approach to education and feel it’s the best choice for their child and family. We are here to support you in your educational journey and hope you find this information enlightening

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