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Ready for School
Are you ready for an Acton Academy audition?

Show the world WHAT YOU CAN DO 

Take control of your life, so you’ll never be trapped in an ordinary place again.

Why audition vs apply? 


  • Each individual matters! We want to know YOU.

  • Spots are reserved for extraordinary people, so we need to know what you’re made of.

  • Most schools solicit applications; we’re a learning community that only accepts committed people who believe they are going to change the world

Are you willing to
take control of your education, work hard, and challenge yourself?
Audition Now 

3 Simple Steps

Short Quiz

Take the short quiz below. We want to know who you are.

Tour Campus

Come join us to experience a school session. We'd love to show you around campus.

Click here to schedule.

Dig Deeper

Complete your research. Suggestions:

Acton Academy

 Montessori Method

Socratic Approach

I've submitted the quiz...Now what? 

We’re so glad you’re interested in our community! While you await your upcoming tour, please take time to research the Acton model and explore our site to learn more.

As a non-traditional institution, it’s very important to us that parents understand our approach to education and feel it’s the best choice for their child.

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