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Meet the Team
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Mindy Petramalo,
Head of School

Hello Magic Valley,

I have a love for learn-driven education and am excited to bring this type of education to the valley. With 5 children of my own, I can attest to the magic of real, retained learning through discovery and excitement and this in turn will foster self motivation and 


I have a Bachelor's of Science in Home and Family Living and a minor in business from Brigham Young University. I also have MANY extra credits from classes that I just couldn't resist; a couple favorites being genealogy, dancing, symphony (cello), sewing, rock climbing and skiing. 

I'm a serial entrepreneur and consider this one of my favorite hobbies, even though my husband says it's not a "real" hobby. I started my first business at 8 years old and have run 7 businesses over the last approximately 28 years. 

I love music; singing, playing the piano and cello, and jammin' to the radio. I enjoy dancing smooth and latin ballroom and country swing and actually married my latin competition partner. I have a wild side when it comes to snow and water sports. My first love in life was riding horses. It's true you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. After living in the city for 17 years, I'm back in the country and loving the hard, honest work of the farm life. I LOVE traveling. My husband and I joke that this is the one thing we have in common. We got quite the case of cabin fever during the Covid lockdown. And finally, I love seeing my kids grow and develop. Although not always fun and games, it's rewarding to see them working hard and taking responsibility on the farm. With horses, chickens, barn cats, and a 50-head rabbitry, along with a fixer-upper farm, there's not much time to be bored! I love the time we spend outside working together. 


Brittany Butler,
Upper Elementary
Lead Guide

Hello there!

I’ve worked with kids and teens in several settings, including childcare, early education, afterschool programs, public schools, and at a juvenile residential facility. I’ve also spent several years as a youth group leader and am currently a Sunday school teacher. 

I believe everyone learns best at their own pace and in a life-giving environment. I believe children and teens are capable individuals, each with their own personalities, interests, and abilities; all of which can be nurtured, encouraged, and developed from an early age. It’s for these reasons and more that I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to be guiding here at Acton Academy Twin Falls!


A few fun tidbits about me…I was born in Oregon (go Ducks!) but have lived in Idaho most of my life (go Broncos, too!). I received my bachelors degree in Human & Family Services from Southwestern Christian University. If I ever pursue a graduate degree, I would love to get it in social work, special education, or counseling. I love being a wife and mom. I also love animals - I’d live in a zoo if my husband would let me! All of our pets’ names are Nintendo-themed: a dog named Zelda, two chickens named Peach and Daisy, and a fish named Rainbow Road. I enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, paper-crafting, avoiding household chores, attempting to paint things, cooking, baking, and learning how to garden. I love being barefoot whenever I can, and one of my favorite things to do is have long conversations over hot cups of coffee. I adore road trips and the Pacific Ocean; my favorite season is winter and my favorite color is purple. Finally, my family and I are Eastern Orthodox Christians, and we love living our life together rhythmically and intentionally with the seasons.


I greatly look forward to guiding your children on their own Heroes’ Journeys here at Acton Academy for years to come!


Lisa Taitai,
Lower Elementary
Lead Guide

Hi Twin Falls,

I am a veteran in early education. Prior to joining Acton Academy, I spent 16 years running a home childcare and providing educational experiences for infants, toddlers and early elementary students. I also homeschooled my daughter, Morea, from elementary through high school. I believe rich learning happens when children are exposed to new experiences, challenged with new opportunities, and allowed to be curious and explore through hands-on activities. 

Entrepreneurship is a deep and active passion of mine. I started my very first business, an at home child care, over 16 years ago, 3 months after giving birth to my only daughter. About 10 years ago, I decided I loved the art of Kettlebell Training. I took my hobby and made it into yet another business. In 2019, I began to think about how I wanted a business that wasn't service based and could hold up on it's own a little more than daycare and personal training. I decided to start a T-shirt business, printing and selling designs that a fellow entrepreneur had designed. I will likely never stop being an entrepreneur and encouraging others to turn their own passions into businesses. 

I enjoy traveling and being active. When I'm not working, I am in the water -- paddling, swimming or fishing, or working out in my gym. Dusk and dawn are my favorite times of the day.

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Gretchen Willmore,
Personal Trainer and Nutritionalist


My name is Gretchen Willmore and I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist. Health and fitness is my passion! Over the past few years, I have taught group fitness classes, provided one-on-one personal training, taught a Twin Falls community PE class, and provided nutrition coaching. I believe the best time to instill healthy habits is when you are young! Learning healthy ways to move and fuel your body while still young can create a foundation for a higher quality lifestyle throughout adolescence and adulthood.


Guest Speaker,
Community Professionals

Here at Acton, we believe each person is unique and has individual passions and skills to share with the world. Throughout the year, we will invite professionals from our community to speak to our Heroes about their professions and experiences. We feel this will help inspire, educate, and open pathways for the next generation of Heroes to find their callings in life.