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Winter Semester Scholarship

to the

The Burkett Family

for their generous donation to our scholarship fund!


Because of this generous donation, we are able to provide 5 scholarships

to new students for the Winter 2023 semester for a total of $5,000.


These scholarships are easy and fast to apply for. However, please DO NOT apply unless you fully intend to enroll your child for Winter 2023 semester. We have many families who wait to know if they will be awarded a scholarship, and we will only award those who are ready to enroll their child in this life-changing educational opportunity.

Scholarship Application
What grade are you in?

Thanks for applying for the winter scholarship!

 We will announce the winner of this scholarship December 15th, 2022 on All applications must be submitted by December 9th, 2022 by 5 p.m.

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