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Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

Updated: 6 days ago

Calling all young entrepreneurs in grades 1-9.

Join us for this one-month entrepreneurial camp to learn key business principles and gain essential tools needed to start your own business.

Learn through an interactive, real-life game called Entrepreneur-ship (E-ship). In       

E-Ship, students will seek to find and create a business that is right for them. Students travel across the map to islands that represent different questions an entrepreneur asks along his or her journey.

Islands include:

  1. Motivation - Finding one's passions + need/problem in the world = one's calling in life.

  2. Market - Understanding your customers.

  3. Company Identity - Building a brand.

  4. Unit Economics - Understanding the numbers.

  5. Hiring - Should I hire and if so, when?

  6. Competition & Substitute - Determine, defend and stand out!

At the end of each topic, a community professional will join us to share a real-life experience on the subject. These examples help the students better understand the principles and also motivates them through their own business journey. 

Once the students navigate their “entrepreneur-ships” through the 6 different islands, they will land at their final destination; a business ready to present to the world.

Each day will begin with a half hour of team building activities to discover each other's unique strengths and to build lasting relationships with other young entrepreneurs in our community. 

The purpose of the E-ship journey is to equip students with skills, tools and frameworks needed to start and run a business. The summer session will have three main goals:

  • To learn more about others, themselves and what they love

  • To learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible

  • To create a business that's ready to take to the world

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get your feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship!


When: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the month of June. Students are welcome to bring lunch at noon to eat, socialize and play before class.

Where: Acton Academy Twin Falls 1830 Addison Ave E. Twin Falls

Cost: $175/student

How to register:

1. Pay the $175 camp fee to reserve your child's spot in camp. Please include your child's name and grade.

2. We will then email you a release form to fill out and send along with your child on the first day of camp. 

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