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Healthy Kids Head to Toe

Updated: May 4

Come join for this enlightening hour about diets and how they affect your child's brain to skeletal systems and every system in between. The night will also include fun facts, things to say "yes" to and some tasty recipes to enjoy at home!

About the speaker - Christa embarked on her journey in the field of child behavior and health over three decades ago, driven by a passion to nurture and understand the complexities of childhood development. With a keen interest in promoting holistic wellness, she dedicated herself to studying various aspects of child behavior management and health promotion strategies.

Christa's commitment to fostering well-being expanded beyond childhood to encompass the broader spectrum of human health. In 2023, she attained certification as a Christian Health Coach, and she recently completed certification as a Menopause Specialist. Throughout her career, Christa has remained steadfast in her dedication to empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

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