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Session Quests

2021/22 Session Topics

Topics are subject to change based on Heroes self-directed interests. 


Team Building & Communication

Session 1

Heroes become acquainted with each other, learning each other's strengths; as well as how to communicate and work together to build a strong community. They begin to create laws and guidelines that govern their studios. 


Experiencing History:

US Citizenship

Session 2

In this quest, Heroes immerse themselves in the history of immigration in the United States and experience what it’s like to be someone seeking to become a naturalized citizen. Through a series of challenges, they assume the role of immigrant and prepare for a naturalization test as well as learn about America's government and laws.

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

Laws of Physics: Newton’s Toy Workshop

Session 3

On this quest, Eagles use physics to become toy designers. They take on the title of “scientist” as they explore concepts in physics such as gravity, thrust, momentum, displacement, elasticity, and mechanical advantage. As toy designers, they take on the different challenges each week that provide a tactile understanding of physics. 

Diving with Whaleshark

Jacques Cousteau Marine Science

Session 4

Eagles take on the title of NASA Earth Explorer as they examine the following questions: What is life like in the ocean and how is it interconnected? Is it more important to explore or to invent? What problems are facing our oceans, and what are the possible solutions? As scientists, they learn to observe with intentionality and embrace their curiosity. Using their imaginations, they are challenged to bring the marine ecosystems into their studio, curating an environment of wonder about the natural world.

Fixing a Toycar


Session 5

On this quest, Eagles embark on a journey to learn the basics of coding, a journey that culminates in a real-life exploration of the world of robotics.

Goals of this quest include:

  • Gaining a basic understanding of programming concepts and how they apply to the real world in non-coding scenarios (concepts include algorithms, loops, conditionals, variables, and events)

  • Honing and developing problem-solving skills through “debugging”

  • Developing an awareness and curiosity about the role technology currently plays and will play in their lives

  • Learning about innovators and disruptors throughout history in various technology-related fields.

Learning how to Play Chess

Chess Quest

Session 6

 Heroes get to experience the benefits of playing chess firsthand and to apply those skills to other parts of their lives as well. The benefits of regularly playing chess are plentiful and include: increase in strategic thinking, creativity, foresight & planning, memory, reading skills, and communication.

Kids in the Garden

Loving Mother Earth

Session 7

Is decreased self-sufficiency a good or bad sign for humanity?

In this quest, Heroes become gardeners, and they take on the title of “scientist” as they explore plant science, including cellular biology, photosynthesis, decomposition, capillary action, germination, and pollination. As gardeners, they take on the responsibilities of planning, building, and raising a garden, then observing it and maintaining it with diligence.

Child at Psychologist


Session 8

Heroes will actually start a business (create, market and sell a product), run a checkbook and create financial statements (P&L and balance sheet).

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