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Newton's Toy Shop Exhibition

We welcome our community to this session's ending exhibition, Newton's Toy Shop.

On this quest, Heroes have used physics to become toy designers. They took on the title of “scientist” as they explored concepts in physics such as gravity, thrust, momentum, displacement, elasticity, and mechanical advantage. As toy designers, they took on different challenges each week that provided a tactile understanding of physics.

Date: November 19th, 5:00 p.m.

Description: The goals of this quest included:

  • Igniting a curiosity about the working of the universe- big and small

  • Providing them with a basic yet intuitive understanding of physics

  • Inspiring a strong, efficient work ethic

Exhibition: Exhibitions are a gathering of the community at the end of each session to see demonstrations of work and learning by the Heroes. This quest takes participants through a sample of the many challenges completed by the Heroes. Heroes will work with their families and community members to lead them through a challenging hour of building multiple marble runs that will be combined by complex machines and end by performing a basic task. We invite all who would like to explore Acton Academy, watch the heroes applied physics to fun or/and participate in the building of this Rube Goldberg marble run to join us November 19th at 5:00 p.m.

To follow: To follow this or other projects, visit our Facebook page:

Planning and drawing sketches before building...

The challenge was to build a tower that would hold 50 pennies without falling...

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