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Yeah for Spring Gardening!

Gardening Exhibition and Plant Sale

May 20th 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Over the course of 7 weeks, students become gardeners and take on the title of “scientist” as they explore plant science, including cellular biology, photosynthesis, decomposition, capillary action, germination, and pollination. As gardeners, they take on the responsibilities of planning, building, and raising a garden, then observing it and maintaining it with diligence.

Other goals to accomplish:

  • Experience what it takes to grow their own food

  • Develop a curiosity and appreciation for the natural world

  • Build executive function skills, such as planning/prioritization and goal-directed persistence

We invite our community to tour the gardens and see individual work on display (cell models, butterfly habitats, plant mazes, and more).

Students will also be hosting a PLANT SALE. Proceeds go to 2022/23 scholarships.

The Exhibition will conclude with the release of butterflies (if ready).

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